Cinematic Lighting and Storytelling Workshop October 2023

Cinematic Lighting and Storytelling Workshop October 2023


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When: October 27th
Where: Jersey City, NJ

There is something special about movie magic… but it doesn’t have to stay a secret. In this workshop you’ll learn to incorporate a range of cinematic techniques and visual sensibilities that can help your work be more evocative and tell compelling visual stories.
Join Chris and explore how filmmakers help define their visual tastes and how you can use it in your still images, including three- point lighting (the way they do it in the movies), motivated lighting, cinematic color theory, and other in-camera techniques to give your images that ‘movie magic’. Bring home the drama, mystery and flavor of the movies, one frame at a time!

What you’ll learn

Specific lighting setups and tools to emulate the looks of certain visual styles from film noir to modern films
Concept development: telling stories in your images and creating layers to those stories
Styling: How does clothing help tell the story? What is most effective for your character?
Posing: Break from photographic posing and create action
Lens choice: Be as conventional or unconventional as you like
Directing your subject, and much more

Lots of individual time to shoot. Top-notch production value and individual time with each set lets you capture images from a variety of angles to guide the story how you see it.

The second day will show you some will go in-depth on cinematic post-processing techniques to show you how to bring out the polish in these images including raw processing, color grading, shaping light and more.


Day 1:

9am-10:30am: Introduction and lecture
10:30-1:00pm: Set 1 and 2
1:00-2:00pm: Lunch
2:00-5:00pm: Set 3 and 4

Capacity: 12 attendees


Do you provide transportation/airfare for the event?
No, transportation is the responsibility of the attendee.

Should I bring my camera?
You will have plenty of time to shoot, so yes!

Do I need to bring any other additional equipment?
No. All lighting and other equipment will be provided (minus memory cards)

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
You can contact us here with questions.

What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of this event and production costs, a refund in most cases may not be available and may be applicable to a cancellation fee or only be available to transfer to someone else. Please contact us regarding questions about a refund and review our Terms & Conditions before purchasing. Trip insurance is highly recommended.


Availability: 12 in stock