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The proof is in the details

Most photographers underestimate the stylistic and creative flexibility of developing their RAW images. In fact, this can be one of the most powerful ways to shape the mood and color palette of your work.

Don’t just think of post-processing as ‘retouching’ out problems, but instead as an opportunity to tailor the fabric of the image exactly to your needs.

In my own workflow, I believe that probably 80% of my image’s look is shaped by how it’s developed. The develop process is a playground of color and tone that sets the stage for how the image will feel and what it communicates to the viewer. It’s here where I really shape the feeling, mood and color palette.

Bowery Pack – Dog Run Before/After

Empire Pack – Coney Island Before/After

creating a solid FOUNDATION

In the past I had utilized my own presets as a way to help me to create a visual consistency throughout my images and to help reinforce my style. Furthermore, I believe in efficiency to help me maximize my time in Lightroom. Unfortunately, presets typically need drastic manipulations to work with different images, and I found myself saving endless variations of the same presets to suit different shoots.

What I really needed was a starting point— like a film stock or overarching color grade— to get me set me in the right direction as I moved through the develop processes. In other words, I didn’t want to start from scratch every time, but I also didn’t want to try to force presets that simply didn’t work.

a better way

In the last couple of years, Adobe has implemented a more powerful (and in my opinion better) way to develop images by expanding how we use profiles. Profiles are an overall ‘look’ applied to your image that leaves all of the develop and editing controls zeroed and unchanged. You use a profile as a starting point, and then you can adjust your toning, color, and whatnot to suit each photograph. Profiles are my favorite developing tool, but most photographers aren’t using them to their potential… in fact most aren’t even aware of the fact that they exist or how easy they are to use!

We have the ability to stretch out the possible dynamic range and toning, map custom colors and LUTS to the image before we even tweak a develop slider. Let’s break down how this helps you and why I’ve created a range of profiles to help you process your images.


the collections


Simplifying an image into beautiful monochromatic tones has always been one of my favorite ways to work. There is something timeless, emotional, and classic to a black and white image. These 20 black and white profiles are my most-used. Each handle contrast and convert color in their own special way, and you can create an endless variety of looks from them. Experiment, find your favorites, and find new ways to create new ways to see your images in black and white.


Color is one of the most powerful tools for communicating emotion and story in an image. As you look at my work, you can see how I regularly utilize a refined color palette stylistically and for emotional impact. This pack contains a wide range of starting points for you to creatively develop your images. If you are looking for a vintage twist, something subtle, or something more cinematic, there are 25 options for you here covering a range of styles. Whether you shoot in the studio or on location, people or landscapes, there is something for everyone covering a variety of lighting and environments.
Before After Court Lightroom Preset by Chris Knight - beforeCourt Lightroom Preset by Chris Knight - after

Empire – Court Profile

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Before After Courtlandt Lightroom Preset by Chris Knight - beforeCourtlandt Lightroom Preset by Chris Knight - after

Bowery – Cortlandt Profile

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My Lightroom Toolkit was designed to streamline my process (and include a couple of my Lightroom secrets). 

Whether you use this as a standalone – or alongside the profiles – the toolkit is a powerhouse of features to maximize your Lightroom developing. The tools in the toolkit are all designed to be stackable, so that they can be used in conjunction with one another (the only exception is the flare and highlight pop tools which cannot be used at the same time).


  • Fade – REMOVE
  • Fade +
  • Fade ++
  • Fade +++
  • Flare – REMOVE
  • Flare – Top Left
  • Flare – Top Middle
  • Flare – Top Right
  • Grain – REMOVE
  • Grain +
  • Grain ++
  • Grain +++
  • Highlight Pop – REMOVE
  • Highlight Pop +
  • Highlight Pop ++
  • Highlight Pop +++
  • Shadow Punch – REMOVE
  • Shadow Punch +
  • Shadow Punch ++
  • Shadow Punch +++
  • Tone Highlight – REMOVE
  • Tone Highlight (Cool) +
  • Tone Highlight (Cool) ++
  • Tone Highlight (Cool) +++
  • Tone Highlight (Warm) +
  • Tone Highlight (Warm) ++
  • Tone Highlight (Warm) +++
  • White Balance – As Shot
  • White Balance – Auto

Check out the workflow video below to see the toolkit in action:

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The Profiles Bundle

$ $99
  • Bowery Pack (25 Color Profiles)
  • Empire Pack (20 Black and White Profiles)
  • Lightroom Toolkit (29 Tools to Streamline your Development)
  • Installation and workflow videos for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw
  • PDF Installation and Reference Guide for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw


Compatible with Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC and Adobe Camera Raw 10.3. and above. Not compatible with Lightroom 6 or earlier.

Please update to the most recent version of LR and ACR for the most seamless installation. Instructions are based on the updated versions.

Profiles and Toolkit compatible with Mac and PC
Lightroom Toolkit is not compatible with Adobe Camera Raw

Due to the nature of profiles, these are meant to be used on raw files only to maximize their effect
Not at all! Once you know where to find them, they are incredibly simple AND versatile!
As all images are shot under different conditions, each will react in their own way to the profiles. Some will work better than others with certain lighting conditions or shoot styles, but they can be easily modified.

Tested and Compatible With:

Not Compatible:

As these are digital downloads, this is a non-returnable item. Please reach out if you have any questions before purchasing.

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